Why I meditate. Part II

image2So, last blog I shared my ongoing experience with meditation. I never realized before I started to learn about meditation that this mind we all have is really not all that we really are! And to identify and act blindly out of the myriad of thoughts and without having any idea about the contemplative arts like Chinese medicine, Meditation and Qicong and Yoga, is truly like living in a prison. A prison that I wasn’t even aware that I was in!

And yet, something inside me knew that I was unhappy…that I was a victim…and A LOT of my friends and family were unhappy, victims of their emotions…and clueless too.

As I continue to study with mentors and people whom are interested in awakening to this    and interested in Change I’m forever grateful that at least in this lifetime I’m finally able to at least wake up… a little bit?… surrender…lay down my sword.. and celebrate who and what not just ME…but who WE as human beings living this Life on planet Earth, and endeavoring to evolve, really are!

That to me is exciting!…but also often a humbling process to go through..

I’m starting to realize that this whole business of understanding the mind is also waking up to what I don’t particularly like or want to see about myself!  And that YOU all as my family, friends and enemies are teaching me, if I care to look into that mirror, just that! And that I’d much rather see only that which is great about me. That’s why we are attracted to each other I believe. We’re attracted to the greatness in each other but if I am to be honest I really don’t care to see the not so positive side that you might be mirroring to me. I fall into the usual judgements and blaming that I’m used to. It’s not me that’s annoying…its you! Lol!

Yet. I find myself time and time again returning and interested in forging forward…and yes!… interested in change!..to be better!…more mindful of myself and how I affect others..and wish that you all too forge forward so that WE together can change ourselves, relate to each other and change the world! It can and will be done, if we care.

So that’s why I meditate. And do yoga, qigong, dance and sing and look for the ways that in everything I do from sitting still to moving this body there is always the presence of meditation in me/us. We just have to remember that, cultivate that awareness. That seems to be what’s happening more and more. And that’s not only liberating it’s also fun!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Lots of Love!


P.S.I’m interested in introducing another style meditation then I have previously. I’ve shared with some of you the silent ‘sitting’ meditation and the ‘laying down’ meditation. Now I’d like to introduce a  class in another modality of my training called Medical Qigong, a moving style practice of meditation that cultivates the body’s vital energy, using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. How many of you might be interested?

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