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The Qi Center was established in 2003 to provide effective, high quality treatment for those seeking an alternative to mainstream medical care – particularly individuals who resonate more with the feminine energy.

My purpose behind The Qi Center is to help you restore your body back to balance. And beyond that, my practice serves to educate and empower all clients – that potentially means you! I’m all about honest, open communication, integrity and kindness.

The Qi Center isn’t about replacing Western medicine but about complimenting and completing it. Eastern and Western medicine are meant to balance, not oppose each other!

My services are ideal for those seeking treatment for chronic health conditions. I specialize in Traditional Asian Medicine as well as 5 element acupuncture. I´m also specialty-trained in complimentary modalities such as needle-less acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, nutritional counselling and stress reduction techniques.