In this world of hyper-stress and constantly on the go, we offer a respite from all of that. Give yourself an hour and experience the profound healing in your body, mind and soul.

I use a combination of Acupuncture, using sterile filiform needles, Dry needling, Moxabustion, Cupping, Guasha and Tuina, Aroma Acu-point(needle-less) Therapy, Chinese Herbs, Nutritional/dietary counseling, Natural medicine and Low level LED light therapy to help people address specific health issues or preventatively to stay well.

Nancy Fisher received a Masters in Health Science/Acupuncture at the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and, as a post-graduate, trained in Herbal medicine, Clinical Whole Food Phyto-nutrient Nutrition and Natural medicine, Aroma Acupoint Therapy and Low Level LED Therapy, which can heal and repair acne, wrinkles and deep tissure muscle aches and pains.

She treats patients on a deep, profound level, enabling them to heal themselves, and passionately teaches about the many facets of Chinese medicine, including nutritional counseling. She believes that if the body is nutritionally deficient it will NOT function and repair itself as well as it can. But if we correct those nutritional deficiencies this activates the bodies capacity to self heal and self repair. She also teaches the practice of mindfulness, which includes meditation and Qi-gong. The purpose is to not just help you heal your body but if you yourself go through a deep healing process, of body, mind and soul,
then you’ll be a greater healing presence to others.

What people are saying:

  • “If anybody out there is looking for relief from any emotional or physical pain, alternative ways of healing, another means of relaxation and getting in touch with the Universe’s abundant energy, give Nancy a call.”

  • “Using the needles to help me relax and open up the channels of energy, cupping to disperse the stagnant blood, and then an essential oil concoction to regularly massage into my knee. My knee and I are best friends now.”

  • “With her extensive knowledge of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and the human body and mind, her highly intuitive sense of direction, and her loving energy and positivity, Nancy is the perfect candidate to help you realize the better you. She encourages me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and she’ll do the same for you. Thanks, Nance, you’re the best!”

Acupuncture, Dry Needling & Needle-less Acupuncture

Chinese Herbs and Whole Food Phyto-nutritional Counseling

Stress Reduction and Meditation


Community Acupuncture

We will soon be offering Community Acupuncture clinic hours in the heart of Nyack. The idea behind a Community based model is first and foremost to offer the amazing benefits of acupuncture to more people and at a more affordable fee by offering a sliding scale based on what you can afford OR bartering for services. Call or Text 845-416-2328 or email to inquire further about this type of appointment.

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Conditions successfully treated:

Call or Text 845-416-2328 or click here to book your complimentary 15 minute consult.

Conditions successfully treated:

Bone, muscle or joint problems, including sore and weak joints, backaches, injured and strained muscles. 
Heart and vessel disorders, including palpitations and dizziness. 
Childhood illnesses, including colds, coughing, earaches, skin problems and attention disorders. 
Acupuncture is remarkably effective in the treatment of children. 
Pain and discomfort in the head, including headaches, facial paralysis and twitching and neck pain. 
Gastrointestinal disorders, including bowel problems, stomach aches, nausea and vomiting. 
Gynecological and obstetric problems, including discomfort in pregnancy, menstrual and fertility problems, night sweats and hot flashes, vaginal dryness and perineum pain. 
Mental and emotional disorders, including addictions, depression and sleep disorders. 
Respiratory disorders, including wheezing, stuffy chest and cough. 
Sexual problems, including frigidity, impotence and sterility. 
Skin disorders, including dry and itchy skin. Urinary disorders, including painful urination and inability to urinate.
Call 845-416-2328 to book your complimentary 15 minute consult.

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