Community Acupuncture in Action

We will soon be offering Community Acupuncture clinic hours in the heart of Nyack. Select hours will be set at my present office so that we can comfortably treat 3-4 patients per hour. The idea behind a Community based model is first and foremost to offer the amazing benefits of acupuncture to more people and at a more affordable fee by offering a sliding scale of $85-135 for the initial visit and $30-60 for follow-ups, based on what you can afford OR bartering for services.

Nancy’s Community Acupuncture will provide a supportive, gentle and peaceful atmosphere that features a treatment room uniquely designed to maximize one’s healing journey. Soothing colors, sounds and plush treatment tables and privacy curtains further enhance. We offer expert therapy in a compassionate environment conducive to healing. Our purpose is to help individuals realize the physical as well as the emotional balance necessary for nurturing and keeping whole the mind, body and spirit.

Community acupuncture allows access to every area of the body through targeted acupuncture points on the arms, legs and head; thereby patients are fully clothed…all you need to do is roll up your sleeves and allow access to your legs and we’re ready to go! Perhaps you or someone you know has been curious to try acupuncture but aren’t able to afford it. Soon you’ll have a sliding scale based on what you can afford. Or you already know and love the benefits of regular acupuncture and yet it’s not possible on your budget. Or maybe you don’t have the time for a private session. Whatever your motivation, this model makes it much more affordable to actually get the treatments one needs to see results! Additionally, there is the phenomenon of ‘group qi(chee)’ or group healing, which has powerful restorative potentials!

Of course for more chronic situations you may need more than what the Community model offers. I will still be available for private sessions in my office on North Broadway where I provide customized treatment strategies; incorporating herbal medicine, nutritional counseling etc. as necessary.
Stay tuned for the grand opening of this wonderful service!

Email or call 845.416.2328 for details and appointment times for those of you who’d like to start experiencing the Community model now!

Please spread the word!