Community Acupuncture in Action

I’m so excited to soon be offering Community Acupuncture at The Qi Center!

Whether you already know and love the benefits of getting regular acupuncture, you’re considering trying it for the first time, or you don’t have time to schedule a private session, community acupuncture offers amazing restorative benefits set at a highly affordable rate. So if you’re on a budget, you can receive the treatment you need and also experience powerful healing results.

How does it work?  Community Acupuncture at The Qi Center will provide a supportive, gentle and peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to healing and wellbeing (select hours will be set at my office so that I can comfortably treat 3-4 patients per hour). The idea is to target different acupuncture points on accessible parts of the body, such as your arms, legs and head…all you need to do is to roll up your sleeves or pants and we’re ready to go!

By the way – want to learn something fascinating? Receiving acupuncture treatment in a collective environment can actually amplify your body’s restorative potential! It´s a phenomenon called ´group qi ´(pronounced ´chee´), or group healing. Pretty great, right?

For more chronic, serious conditions, community acupuncture may not be the most optimal treatment option. I would recommend scheduling a private, more intensive healing session with me first.  I am still available for private sessions in my office on North Broadway where I provide customized treatment strategies; incorporating herbal medicine, nutritional counseling etc. as necessary.

Stay tuned for the opening of this wonderful service! 

Email or call 845.416.2328 for details and appointment times for those of you who’d like to start experiencing the Community model now!

Please spread the word!